Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whine wine

I am a real whiner, aren't I? Or is that a whino? ?

No I am not broken, and thank Goddess for that.
Also, the missing piece is only a self-perceived missing piece. Thank Goddess for that too.

Practicing the presence of Goddess includes living with an attitude of gratitude and I *really* need to work on that part!

I am grateful for the presence of a wonderful man, wonderful lover, in my life.

So there. Pbbfftt!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am not broken

I am not broken.

I have never contemplated my own suicide.

I have never married, or even lived with, a man old enough to be my father. [Full disclosure: in my late 20's I did date a man 30 years older for a few months.]

I can change my own light bulbs.

I have never done hard drugs, nor been arrested for substance abuse issues.

I emerged from the divorce as a strong, whole, and healthy person. I am financially secure and own my own home. My children are healthy and happy.




I do have a piece missing.

It would be nice [I think] to have someone who looks to me, and my wants / desires / needs, first before all others.

I have a primary partner but I want to be a primary partner.

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