Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get a Life!

Oooh-kaay. How is that to be done?
  • something interesting
  • something somewhat time-consuming
  • something time flexible
  • something creative
Possiblities --
  • tutor at Springer Elementary School: art? reading? math???
  • get the dang RV and travel --
    • writing about it
    • taking photos
    • something vet med related? what?
  • more time in the pottery studio, get *really* good and sell stuff
  • more time in the sewing studio, ditto
 Ideas? Anyone?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insight Incite

Perhaps he did see me as one of the broken ladies after all. My "brokenness" lies in my low self esteem and quivering insecurities. By making me feel special, he healed my self esteem. I'm just not special enough. More broken shiny pretty things come along and I am special and cured.


1. Continue in a warm and loving relationship where I am continually going to be pushed to the bottom as the next shiny pretty thing comes along.

2. Risk losing everything and being very lonely forever by rocking the boat.

3. Think outside the box and look for the relationship where I am the number one object of affection and attention.

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