Sunday, April 5, 2009

new stuff about the landscaping project

Perhaps the most important thing to have (besides patience. lots and lots and lots of patience) is a bunch of friends. Julia and Mike put together the perfect plan -- a balance of structure and color and year 'round interest. They also helped procure the first loads of plants. Jenna and Garrett helped me spread the first load of dirt around; Ruta helped me spread the second (much bigger!) one. Kate taught me how to coddle transplants and make sure they have the best start possible. Sandy, Colin and Evan helped dig holes, place plants, water and clean up.

The project is nowhere near done of course, but most of the "backbone" plants are in now. Next step is to find a friend with a big, manly truck who can go to the nursery with me to pick out, purchase and fetch home the plants that will provide color and contrast. And then, of course, there will be the friend who knows all about irrigation systems (or is willing to learn) and I'll probably need the same big, manly truck to fetch mulch ...

The timetable is all shot to hell. Tonight is the last night of Spring Break and the project is *not* finished. But such a start!

Stay tuned ...

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