Thursday, May 21, 2009

friends and lovers

A couple of weeks ago I lost a friend and a lover. I miss him terribly; I start to talk to him ten times a day and then remember he isn't there, he isn't listening. Still I talk to him, inside my head, but there is no answer, no wise crack, no measured thought, no quip, no flirt, nothing and I miss him so very much. There isn't even the hope that he'll come back someday because I don't know what time scale he works on any more. "I don't know what else to do, my love. So I'm going to step outside of your life for a short while."


  1. I have no answers, and my questions are not worth the breath it takes to form the query. This much I know. when friends are lovers, a fine line exists between the two, whereas when lovers are friends, the line enbraces those who would so venture. Only when friends and lovers question their role or sincerity, does the line blur to obscure the measure of friendship and love that was their bond. This does not mean they are lost to you, but merely seeking a different path to explore, and in time,friends and lovers will reunite when the paths eventually cross.

  2. sigh was there recently myself rose, issue is she is still a comember of my extended family and see her on the family message/jabber server every morning, and things are so distant where they used to be so close. my heart aches for where you are passing through

    warm regards


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