Sunday, January 17, 2016

New, healthy Me plan

As part of my new, healthy me (I hesitate to call it a weight loss but that's how it is supposed to come out) plan, I will be posting here, and on Instagram, photos and recipes of meals and/or dishes that I've made. Whew! How's that for a run on sentence, eh?

From here out, the posts will be separated but I started the DOING 5 days ago and only started the BLOGGING today. [days missing are either leftovers or eating out or I ate something not conducive to weight loss that I am ignoring.]

Jan 13 --

A simple saute of mushrooms with steamed kale and a small piece of round steak that was cooked in my George Foreman grill.

Jan 15 --

A stir-fry of mushrooms, green beans and chicken tenders with grape tomatoes added to steam a few minutes at the end. I made white rice too, because I had company that night. [note to self: try really hard to NOT have rice or pasta as a regular thing.]

Jan 16 --

I sauteed mushrooms with onions and wilted baby kale on top of it. Another little round steak, courtesy of George Foreman and left over rice. [ note to self: pay more attention to Jan 15's note to self!]

Jan 17 --

My take on Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg dish, usually for breakfast I think. 

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