Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mock Surgery, part une

Our team had their first Mock Surgery today and it went amazingly well. R was the Lead Anesthetist and is very meticulous, which helped a LOT. My task was to calculate a fluid rate for the pump as well as a manual drip count; insert the IV catheter and hook up the fluid drip set; shave and prep the surgical site and generally support the anesthetist; K was our Mock Surgeon and had to scrub in, gown and glove and suture along a sharpie pen line (hence the Mock -- no incision); B was our floater and did a little of everything to help all of us. While Lex was under anesthesia we took the opportunity to shave some of the fur mats on his belly and butt and to express his [quite impacted] anal glands. Neither of these would have been easy to do while he was awake -- rather protective of his nether parts is our little Lex.

Next week our Mock patient will be one of the cats, Thumbelina. And I will be the Lead Anesthetist. And I am scared shirtless about it. Stay tuned.

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  1. Boy am I glad this was veterinary surgery. At first I thought Lex was a human being. I was appalled at the idea I might have anal glands and not know it. :o)


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